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Abelisaurus Dinosaur Facts

Abelisaurs was lived during the Late Cretaceous era(65-75 million years ago). Named as Abelisaurus, means “Abel’s Lizard” because it was found by Argentine paleontologist, Roberto Abel. Abelisaurus had 30 feet long and 2 tons in weight. Abelisaurus was meat-eater dinosaur with large head but small teeth. According to scientists, it’s believed that Abelisaurus resembled a scaled-down of a T-Rex with short arms and bipedal gait. Unlike another dinosaur, Abelisaurus had large holes in its skull, that called as “fenestrae”, above the jaw.

  • Dinosaur: Abelisaurus
  • Pronunciation: ah-BEEL-ee-SAWR-us
  • Translation: Abel’s lizard
  • Location: Argentina
  • Era: Cretaceous Period, 80 million years ago
  • Fossils Found: near complete Skull
  • Length: up to 27 feet
  • Diet: Meat Eater

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