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Lexovisaurus Dinosaurs Facts

Lexovisaurus is a dinosaur that has a medium size. They found alive during the Middle Jurassic era End. Originally they were named Osmosaurus. But then they were again renamed Lexovisaurus. Lexovian Lexovisaurus name means lizard. This again comes from the Celtic culture. Fossils they showed them to be members of the stegosaur family. It is a group of herbivorous dinosaurs. They are found in the northern hemisphere. Their fossils are found throughout China, the UK and North America.

Lexovisaurus Dinosaurs Fact

Lexovisaurus altitude of about 5 meters and a length of 17 meters. Their weight is estimated to have ranged between 4000-4500 pounds. They are herbivorous reptile species. They are four-legged animals. Their hind legs are stronger than their fore limbs. This makes them smooth motion.

Lexovisaurus Dinosaurs


Lexovisaurus Fact

Lexovisaurus are herbivores, they would rather live in the woods. As with other reptiles reproduce by laying eggs.They are gentle creatures and not too wild. It is among the initial group of dinosaurs are found. They lived a billion years ago. But they still found traces.

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