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Scutellosaurus Dinosaur Facts

Paleontologists believe Scutellosaurus is ambidextrous because their hind legs are longer than the forelimbs,, posture-wise may live in a crawl while eating, but was able to break into the two-legged gait when fleeing from predators.

Scutellosaurus Dinosaur

Like the other early dinosaurs, Scutellosaurus is anatomically very similar to a small theropod prosauropods and h that roamed the earth during the late Triassic and early Jurassic period.

Scutellosaurus Fact

Scutellosaurus Habitat

Scutellosaurus Predator
One of the constant themes of evolution is that big, imposing creature descending from a small, mouselike ancestors. Although no one would think to compare Scutellosaurus to mouse (weighs about 25 pounds, for example, and covered with bone spikes), this dinosaur-sized rodents certainly compared with the offspring of a multi-ton armored her from the late Cretaceous period, such as Ankylosaurus and Euoplocephalus .

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