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Do it yourself Dinosaur Invitation

Dinosaurs are a very interesting topic taught in school. Very popular with children. No wonder many birthday parties that use dinosaurs as the theme. It would be nice to prepare a feast. It is very important for the birthday party is an invitation to your child’s friends,

Do it yourself Dinosaur bhirtday Invitation
Sure you can buy in stores dinosaur invitation. You can also create your own. If you want to make your own, of course I will help to give you ideas that you can try at home with your child.

Do it yourself Dinosaur Invitation cards
The first thing you should do is prepare a few sheets of paper. Cut them out (4 “x 5 1/4”), then you cut the card stock into 4 other colors, each 4 1/4 “x 5 1/2”. Then allow your child to decorate with stickers each dinosaur.
Do it yourself Dinosaur Invitation ideas


Do it yourself Dinosaur Invitations
It is easy to make, good luck with your child at home.

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