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Fossils of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, giants creature that once roamed the earth. Some were as tall as building, as long as city bus, some weighed like 14 elephants and some as a little as sparrow. The only way to know about dinosaurs were through their fossils. From small dinosaurs, long necked, to winged reptiles …

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Dinosaur Eggs Fossils

Dinosaur eggs are eggs laid by dinosaurs. It was firstly found and documented in France by Jean Jacques Poech in France. Then, American Museum of Natural History found the first scientifically recognized dinosaur egg fossil in 1923 in Mongolia. Since that found, then there are many new nesting sites have …

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Best Dinosaurs Fossil

dinosaur fossils for kids

Before we start to study dinosaurs fossil, let we learn about what is fossils? Fossils are the remain of the ancient animals that traces of living things from past ages, if we learn about Dinosaurs, we can tell that maybe it’s coming from Jurassic age, Mesozoic age or maybe older …

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Dinosaur Bones Pictures

Dinosaur Bones - Triceratops

Enjoy free pictures of dinosaurs bones pictures, or we usually call it as fossils. With Dinosaurs bones, or fossils, scientists and researchers are easier to understand about dinosaurs. You can find complete dinosaurs footprints, museum exhibitions and information related to all of your favorite dinosaurs like Brachiosaurs, Tyrannosaurs-Rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, …

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