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Dilophosaurus Facts

One of the most amazing dinosaur, Dilophosaurus, lived during the Early Jurassic park in North America about 190 million years ago. Its name refers to its awesome twin crests that adorn the skull. Dilophosaurus means ” two crested lizard”, taken from Greek language. Just like any other early Jurassic period …

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Where Did Dinosaurs Live ?

This is very often questions from child, or even an adults, where did Dinosaurs live? Well, we can say that you can find Dinosaurs worldwide, even it’s on your backyard. North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia even Africa were great Dinosaurs home during the Mesozoic Era. Here’s some information …

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Facts about Dinosaurs

We have conclude some dinosaurs facts in another post of Dinoleaks. Today, we give you essential facts about dinosaurs. Every dinosaurs lover should be well acquainted with. First fact, Dinosaurs weren’t the first reptiles to rule the Earth. Crocodiles did it! As we know , dinosaurs evolved about 230 million …

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Dinosaur Bones Pictures

Dinosaur Bones - Triceratops

Enjoy free pictures of dinosaurs bones pictures, or we usually call it as fossils. With Dinosaurs bones, or fossils, scientists and researchers are easier to understand about dinosaurs. You can find complete dinosaurs footprints, museum exhibitions and information related to all of your favorite dinosaurs like Brachiosaurs, Tyrannosaurs-Rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, …

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