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Mesozoic Era Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are found only in the geologic column 3 are: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Evolutionists call the three layers of the soil with the name of the Mesozoic era. That’s the age that they give to the age of dinosaurs. According to them these creatures became extinct at the end …

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Where Did Dinosaurs Live ?

This is very often questions from child, or even an adults, where did Dinosaurs live? Well, we can say that you can find Dinosaurs worldwide, even it’s on your backyard. North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia even Africa were great Dinosaurs home during the Mesozoic Era. Here’s some information …

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Parasaurolophus Coloring Pages

realistic Parasaurolophus coloring pages

Parasaurolophus is a kind of dinosaur who had an elongated bony crest on its head. It made a low-frequency sounds, it sounds like a  fog-horn. The crest itself was up to 6 feet (1,8 meter long). Called as long-crested, duck-billed dinosaur. Parasaurolophus is extremely long, hollow and backwards-leaning. The male …

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