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Dinosaurs Bigger than T-Rex

What are the biggest carnivorous dinosaurs of the strongest, and the most vicious? Tyrannosaurs? Not anymore!Over the last 100 years, only tyrannosaurs known as the strongest meat eaters, even mechanically nothing of his rival, but it all changed when, in the 1990s, three skeletons were found, one in South America …

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Spinosaurus Facts for Kids

We have complete information about Spinosaurus facts both for kids or adult. Spinosaurus was very popular and featured in Jurassic Park 3. This dinosaur was known as the largest meat-eating dinosaur ever! Spinosaurus name refers to its huge spines that grow from its back with 1.5 meters in length. Spinosaurus …

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Spinosaurus Coloring Pages

Spinosaurus means spine lizard. This kinds of dinosaur was from Theropods genus. Spinosaurus lived in North American during the Cretaceous period. The Spinosaurus lived about 113-98 million years ago. Spinosaurus was called as the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. If you think that T-Rex or Gigantosaurus is the biggest meat-eater dinosaur, then …

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What is The Largest Meat-Eaters Dinosaurs?

Largest Meat-Eaters Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Many questions about that, what is the biggest, largest meat-eater dinosaurs ever? Well, The theropods were the dominate this. They are the biggest carnivorous Dinosaurs. Most of them lived in Creteceous Era. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the one of them. Here are the list of the biggest meat-eaters dinosaurs ever. Take …

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