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Dinosaur Skeleton Coloring Page

Not only complete dinosaurs, some dinosaurs lovers also loves to identify Dinosaur fossils. T-Rex fossil was the most favorite fossils out there. They’re inspired from Jurassic Park. Knowing Dinosaur skeleton will help our child to know its bones structure, add more information for their knowledge about dinosaurs. One way to …

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Plant Eating Dinosaurs

Plant Eating Dinosaurs are usually called as Herbivorous Dinosaurs. They eat whatever vegetation they could find. Most Herbivores, like Sauropods, grew larger than the others because their huge diet of leaves and ferns. The Sauropods also swallowed stones to grinds the food inside their stomach. Carnivores are their main enemy. …

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Types of Dinosaurs

How many types of dinosaurs have you ever know? If you’re new or want to know deeper about dinosaurs kinds, you should read our dinosaurs types below. These dinosaurs include some of the most well known of dinosaurs type. We have ferocious Theropods, like T-Rex or Spinosaurus to biggest dinosaurs …

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Cretaceous Dinosaurs Facts for Kids

cretaceous dinosaurs names

Have you ever heard the Cretaceous Era? Yep, that was where the dinosaurs dominated the Earth. Where most dinosaurs develop and one of the most exciting era ever. The era was the best time in Dinosaurs history. Though dinosaurs ruled the Cretaceous, the dominant groups start developing and many new …

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Dinosaur Printables Coloring Pages

dinosaur printables and worksheets

There are so many learning activities that helps your kids to develop and grow. Coloring is one kind of activity that helps your child’s creativity and their sense of art. One of them is coloring the Dinosaurs. There are so many Dinosaurs Printables Coloring Pages , and most of them, …

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Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs coloring pages

We provide online Dinosaurs Coloring page and printables. You can download and print it for your educational activities. We provide all dinosaurs species like herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Kids love coloring so Let your students create their own copy of Dinosaur coloring page.  You can use it for free. Click …

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Stegosaurus Facts for Kids

interesting facts about stegosaurus

Stegosaurus facts not only for kids, but also for adult who loves dinosaurs. Today, let’s learn some facts about Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus was a very large dinosaur that have unique bones and plates along its spine.  Many peoples have already know Stegosaurus. This kind of dinosaur come from a group of …

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Stegosaurus coloring pages

stegosaurus coloring pages printable

Stegosaurus is an armored dinosaurs, live about 155 to 150 million years ago in western of North America. Well known with its distinctive plates and tail spikes, Stegosaurus is very easy to recognize. It’s large but categorized as herbivorous dinosaurs. It had unusual posture and distinctive body. The Stegosaurus use …

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