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Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs

The Cretaceous period was started about 140 million years ago and ended about 65 million years ago, then followed the Jurassic period and Paloegene. There are so many dinosaurs alive through the Cretaceous period. Here are some of dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous period. First, let’s talk about carnivorous …

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Types of Dinosaurs

How many types of dinosaurs have you ever know? If you’re new or want to know deeper about dinosaurs kinds, you should read our dinosaurs types below. These dinosaurs include some of the most well known of dinosaurs type. We have ferocious Theropods, like T-Rex or Spinosaurus to biggest dinosaurs …

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Surprising Facts about Triceratops

facts about triceratops for kids

Who don’t know Triceratops, the horned face of dinosaurs. Known as one of the most well-known dinosaurs, but many people still don’t know about some surprising facts about this kind on dinosaurs. Some of you might be know it, some of you, maybe blank about this dinosaurs. Well, let’s refresh …

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