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Camarasaurus Facts for Kids

Camarasaurus, a long-necked dinosaurs with different head. Now we will talk about Camarasaurus. Camarasaurus means “chambered lizard”.Camarasaurus was a long-necked and long-tailed herbivore dinosaur with 7.5 – 20 meters long and 5 meters in height at the hips. Camarasaurus also known as the biggest dinosaur with 2,8 tons in weight. …

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Long Neck Dinosaur

If you think the biggest land animals or dinosaur is T-Rex, you probably wrong. The biggest animals who ever lived on the Earth were the Sauropods. Sauropods were the giants who have very long neck dinosaurs. As seen on TV, Encyclopedia or another source, this long-necked dinosaurs were herbivorous. They …

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List of Long-necked Dinosaurs

Long Neck Dinosaur - Apatosaurus

We usually called long-necked dinosaurs as Sauropods. It’s very easy to memorize, because they have common characteristics like long tails, long necks, four legs and of course, they’re herbivorous. Their neck was used to foraging high in trees to get their food. Now we will list the long-necked dinosaurs, although …

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