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Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Today I will share Dinosaur Free template crafts for your kids. This is the most excited activity for all dinosaurs-lover. These crafts projects are for elementary school. The crafts use paper as its main material. Yes, we’re doing Dinosaurs Papercraft here. You just need papers and glue.These papercraft are based …

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The Duck-Billed Dinosaur – Hadrosaurus

The Duck Billed Dinosaur or we called it as Hadrosaurus. Hadrosaurus comes from Greek words means bulky lizards (some also means sturdy lizards). If you think Hadrosaurus is cool like T-Rex, or Velociraptor, then you’re wrong. Hadrosaurus were far from attractive or sleekest Dinosaur. It’s looks like a weird dinosaur. …

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Baby Dinosaur Fossil Found!

baby dinosaur pictures

A baby dinosaur skeleton discovered by a high-school student. This skeleton was become the most complete duck-billed skeleton of its kind. It’s smallest and youngest. It’s a Parasaurolophus dinosaur. For your information, Parasaurolophus lived about 75 million years ago. For its appearance, Parasaurolophus had tube-shaped head crests. which can be …

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Parasaurolophus Facts for Kids

Parasaurolophus dinosaur crest on head

We already leaks facts about Triceratops, now we will reveal facts about another great dinosaurs, called as Parasaurolophus. Check out our Parasaurolophus facts. This dinosaurs was an interesting dinosaur with head that shaped very strange that featured a curved crest. This dinosaur is herbivorous dinosaurs. It have 2.7-tons in height. …

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