Creationism and Dinosaur

To decorating a child’s room, use your own creationism and exploration of imagination and of course, your child. Various options are available, you just need to choose the right theme and ornaments that your child can develop properly. If your child likes the themes of archeology, safari, and adventure, the theme of “Jurassic Park” or “Dinosaur Park” could be considered.
Here are tips on decorating a dinosaur-themed children’s rooms.
1. Start from wall. You can make a stencil, wallpaper attaching, or dinosaur stickers. For children under five years old, it’s good that the colors are the full colors chosen. Remember, that figure is not to be creepy dinosaurs. You can provide images of cute cartoon dinosaurs, dinosaur silhouette forms, dinosaur bones, dinosaur or even a picture that resembles the original. Work with your child. Ask what kind of shape they want.
2. Floor. To balance a wall full of pictures of dinosaurs, you need a neutral floor. Choose wood flooring or a brown carpet. This color gives a natural feel to your child’s room floor.
3. Dinosaur beds. Next, you need to provide a picture of a dinosaur bed linen. If necessary, you can also make a dinosaur-shaped bed.
4. Ornaments of dinosaurs. Lastly, you also need to give dinosaur-themed ornaments. For ornaments that can be hung on your child’s bed, choose ornaments made from lightweight and non-hazardous if dropped overwrite your child. Do not forget, you also have to be creative. Do not just use a picture of a dinosaur ornament, but also find all the trappings associated with it, such as ferns, rocks, or other natural elements. If necessary, look for stone shaped cushions your child’s room that resembles a dinosaur cave hideout.

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