Dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Period

Many of the giant dinosaurs and flying reptiles are alive today. Mammals that have a placenta appeared for the first time. At the end of this age, Dinosaurs, Ichtiyosaurus, pterosaur, plesiosaur, Ammonites and Belemnit are extinct. Mammals and flowering plants evolved into many different forms. Mid climate began to emerge. India is separate away from Africa towards Asia. This is the time of the last days of the life of the giant animals. Among the dinosaur group and restricted to the Cretaceous can be said is that there are developments in the Jurassic era. Among these species Tyrannosaurus Rex is the type of the largest ever known with a body length of 15 meters with a height of head is 7 feet.

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In addition, at the end of this age is known Ornithomimus which had not obtained her real canines and that is the type of ceratopsian horned dinosaurs.Class of reptiles lives in the sea Elasmosaurus role today. The animal fossils are in the Niobrara Kansas, USA with a length between 13 and 17 meters. In the same place also obtained from the type Clidates Mosasaurus group that has fins on the fingers of 5 pieces with a length of between 4 to 5 feet, was the longest ever found also with size 12 feet. group of flying reptiles (pterosaurs) also emerged today. One of them is the famous Pteranodon which has a wingspan of 8 feet, and the fossils found in limestone in the Niobrara, Kansas, USA. As with any type that appeared in the days of Jurassic, Pteranodon even this does not have teeth.

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