Fun Dinosaur Facts

Who does not know the Dinosaurs? Carnivorous those are ready to prey on humans as it is in the movies themed dinosaur. Of course, most of the dinosaurs that long extinct are herbivores. Dinosaurs are extinct animals that survived more than 100 million years.Fun facts about the animal known as the jumbo body size

Heaviest dinosaur
This title is given to Brachiosaurus, weighing 80 tons. This is equivalent to the weight of 17 African elephants. Brachiosaurus has a height of 16 meters and a length of 26 meters. It is the largest dinosaur skeleton mounted in the museum.

Smallest dinosaurs
The smallest adult dinosaur fossil is a small bird-hipped plant eaters like Lesothosaurus. Dino is just about the size of a chicken. Examples of smaller fossils ever discovered, but it’s a baby dinosaur.

Smallest Dinosaur Eggs
So far, the smallest dinosaur eggs ever found is only along the 3 centimeters (cm). Researchers do not yet know of the egg which this species.

Smartest dinosaurs
One of the cleverest dinosaur is Troodon. Troodon hunt other dinosaur everyday. She has a length of about 2 m with the brain of a bird or mammal today. He also has an arm that is capable of holding.

Dumbest dinosaur
This position is occupied by Stegosaurus had a brain as big as walnuts, only 3 cm long with a weight of 75 grams.

Dinosaurs with Largest Claw
Therizinosaurus name means “scythe lizard”. The name was given because one long and curved claws like a giant scythe. Their long claws are not covered meat reaches 90 cm (overall 1.5 m).

Most horned dinosaur
Kosmoceratops has at least 13 horns on its head (15 if you count the horns on his jaw). Scientists named it “the most beautiful dinosaur” because very many decorations,. Horn – a horn that is in front of his face is not visible horns to attack, but rather are used to frighten predators and rivals.

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