Largest Real Dinosaurs Bones

Largest dinosaur bone fossil has been discovered by scientists in Portugal. According to scientists in Portugal, the fossil bones found in the suspect as belonging to the biggest predators that ever lived in Europe. The bones are thought to belong to dinosaur fossils, fossil bone is taken from the gap in da Praia Vermelha in the north of Lisbon. Dinosaurs are known as Torvosaurus gurneyi a carnivorous creature, according to estimates this dinosaur has a length of 10 meters, with a weight of 4 to 5 tons. This animal has been classified as a theropod, namely two legged predators meat.

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The two-legged animal that intent in thought as kind of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. But Torvosaurus gurneyi have lived in early times, which is about the end times Jurassic period, about 150 years ago. The fossil bone is a bone of Jurassic dinosaurs. In these studies it has been found that the age difference so far, which is about 80 million years.
At the time of T-Rex was up and running in the face of the earth, Torvosaurus gone or have become fossilized bones. Scientists have conducted excavations at a number of body parts belonging to Torvosaurus are dug from the rocks Lourinha existing in Portugal. According to the study, specimens of these animals have eggs and embryos.