Pachychepalosaurus Dinosaur Facts

Pachycephalosaurus is a large animal with a very thick skull shell and decorated with a bunch of scary spines. The scientists believe that dinosaurs scare each other to win the right to marry and become ruler.
Despite its size and terrifying look, they do not seem too dangerous. At no time fighting with his opponent, they live in peace, wandering in small groups and feed the plant leaves and tender to his children.

pachycephalosaurus interesting facts pachycephalosaurus dinosaur facts

Length: Up to 8 meters
Height: 3 feet up to the waist; 6 feet to head
Weights: Up to 3 tons
Food: Plants
So far, there are 13 species of dinosaurs ‘hard-headed’ or known as Pachycephalosaurus. The 12 types of other is much smaller than Pachycephalosaurus. Pachycephalosaurus skeleton was found in North America, Britain, East Asia and Madagascar. Pachycephalosaurus, including Pachycephalosaurus having an extra bone in book 10 of the first bone tail bone. This makes the area behind her waist is wider than the other two-legged dinosaurs. Perhaps also it is an adaptation that allows them to give birth to larger babies. Famous fossil hunter from America, Barnum Brown, who has found Pachycephalosaurus over the years he has given the name to the 14 dinosaurs, including Ankylosaurus.
Pachycephalosaurus was found in 1938 in Montana, USA. Since then, some parts of the fossils were also found in the surrounding states. Other hard-headed dinosaurs lived in Canada, England, Mongolia, China and even Madagascar.

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