Torvosaurus Height

Torvosaurus Dinosaur Facts

Torvosaurus in the Greek language which means “savage lizard”. This dinosaur lived during the late Jurassic (150-145 million years ago). It has a very large body size is about 35 feet long and 1-2 tons of weight.
Torvosaurus Dinosaur king
Torvosaurus are carnivorous meat eaters who have short arms, but quite long claws.

Torvosaurus Fact
As with many other large theropods, it has not been widely accepted that the genus itself Torvosaurus feasible, some paleontologists think this might actually have become a species of Allosaurus or some other existing genus of carnivorous dinosaur.
Torvosaurus Height


Torvosaurus Skull
Whatever the case, Torvosaurus definitely one of the biggest meat eater from the late Jurassic period, a little more valuable than the more famous Allosaurus. Like all predators this time, Torvosaurus probably partying in infants and adolescents from gigantic sauropods and small herbivorous ornithopods.

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