Abelisaurus Coloring Pages

Abelisaurs was lived during the Late Cretaceous era(65-75 million years ago). Named as Abelisaurus, means “Abel’s Lizard” because it was found by Argentine paleontologist, Roberto Abel. Abelisaurus had 30 feet long and 2 tons in weight. Abelisaurus was meat-eater dinosaur with large head but small teeth. According to scientists, it’s believed that Abelisaurus resembled a scaled-down of a T-Rex with short arms and bipedal gait. Unlike another dinosaur, Abelisaurus had large holes in its skull, that caleed as “fenestrae”, above the jaw.

Bring back Abelisaurus alive with its coloring pages below. Please download the image and print it. Save as the image and print it. Most of Abelisaurus skin color was green. I attach one example to color it. Happy coloring.

Abelisaurus Coloring Page

Printable Abelisaurus Coloring Page

Abelisaurus Coloring Sheets

Free Printable Abelisaurus Coloring Page

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