Plesiosaurus Coloring Pages

Lebensbild plesiosaur is the master of the seas in the Jurassic era. These animals have a row of sharp teeth to feed on fish and trilobites and other aquatic animals. The fossils found in Europe.The Plesiosaurus has the meaning of “Close to the Lizard”. This dinosaur is a predatory marine reptiles. Life in the Early Jurassic, about 200 million years ago. Plesiosaurus can grow up to 8 feet or more of about 15 meters. There were also short-necked types, as well as the swannecked. Weapons on her body including body size, and sharp teeth. Despite their sharp teeth but are not used for chewing, they use their teeth to catch fish.

After you know some interesting facts about Plesiosaurus, now you can color them and bring them alive with Plesiosaurus Coloring Pages. This pages’ images are free to use. You can download it by clicking Save Image As…

Happy coloring 😀

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