stegosaurus coloring pages printable

Stegosaurus coloring pages

Stegosaurus is an armored dinosaurs, live about 155 to 150 million years ago in western of North America. Well known with its distinctive plates and tail spikes, Stegosaurus is very easy to recognize. It’s large but categorized as herbivorous dinosaurs. It had unusual posture and distinctive body. The Stegosaurus use its spikes to defend, as well as its plates. It had small head and short neck. Most likely to ate shrubs, or bushes. Now your kids can colors it! Here are the list of free Stegosaurus coloring pages. Enjoy it. You can download these coloring images for free or you can print directly. If you want to color it online, you can use your iPad or tablet, open this page and color it! 🙂

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