Dinosaur Fun Facts

Dinosaurs are popular and exciting for kids. Kids love it because it looks cool, huge and powerful. Some kids love to share stories about dinosaurs.Be smarter, by let your kids know about these facts. Here’s a few to tell to your kids.

Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era, about 248 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

Dinosaurs fossil found all-over the world, in every continent, even the ice-continent, Antarctica.

Argentinosaurus, The Largest DInosaurs Dinosaurs Scaled to Human dinosaur fossil fun facts

The largest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus, with 130 feet long and 80 tons in weight.
The smallest dinosaur was Epidendrosaurus, it was as little as a sparrow.

Still no information about Dinosaurs colors of skin. Some scientists believe that Dinosaurs have same color with reptiles (green and brown).

There are NO FLYING DINOSAURS, Pteranodon, Pterosaurs and Pterodactyl weren’t dinosaurs, they were flying reptiles.
There are NO SWIMMING DINOSAURS, Elasmosaurus, known as swimming dinosaur, also a reptiles.

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