Dinosaur Lunch Box : School Lunch that Kids Will Eat

As we know, we cannot make our child eat our well-packed lunch when they’re out of our sight. I’ve tried using threats or bribes, but it didn’t working. Today, I will share my experience by bring them some Dinosaur lunch box that your kids will eat. We must have some good planning, creativity and involvement. The first thing that we should do, is choosing an empty lunch box that your child dug into of his own free will. You can search and find dinosaurs-shaped lunch box, or another box shape. Ask your kid to pick out a lunch box that he likes. Use reusable plastic containers that match with your child’s favorite shape (car, dinosaur etc).

Dinosaur themed Bento :)

Dinosaur T-Rex Lunch Box

dinosaur bento box

dinosaur bento ideas

dinosaur lunch box ideas


Jurassic Park Dinosaur Bento

Dinosaur and Egg Bento

Veggies Dinosaur Lunch Box

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Lunch Box

RAWR Dinosaur Bento

Now, get in shape. Use dinosaur cookie cutters to make dinosaur-shaped sandwich. This will make your sandwiches more appetizing. Small cookie cutters can be used for cheese slices or vegetables, we can use flower cookie cutters. If we’re working with a food that won’t work with a cookie cutter, like meats, grapes or another food, be creative. Maybe we can use grapes as dinosaur’s eyes, as a rocks. We can also use meat as grass etc.
Please remember that you should choose your portions wisely. Remember of healthy life, and also, kid doesn’t need large portion. She/he has a small stomach capacity. By the way, I attach some videos from Youtube shows how to create Dinosaur Lunch Box or in Japanese it’s called as “Bento”. Take a look :

You can add some dip or sauce. Use veggies as Jurassic era’s vegetation, you can use some dip or sauce as its lake or another volcano mountain. Now it’s time to mix it up. Throw in different colors, dinosaurs have so many interesting colors . Use your creativity to make it interesting and stimulating such as baby carrots, blueberries, red bell pepper and many more. The last thing and more important, ask your child to pick up their food, choose their favorite food. If she/he helps make the selections, she is more likely to eat her dinosaur lunch.


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