Lesothosaurus Dinosaurs

Lesothosaurus Dinosaurs Facts

Lesothosaurus still have a very close relationship with Fabrosaurus. It got its name from African countries where it is found. Found in Lesotho, so it gets its name Lesothosaurus. Lesotho lizard or similar means such as lizards. It is said by researchers that it is a member of the “bird-footed” ancestors also known as ornithopod. It was a creation of God, made ​​to surf around and run away whenever necessary to protect himself. Its rear or rear legs that are too strong and has three large claws. Plus it has an additional small claws in shin high. It has four fingers on small hands and bumps like a thumb.

Lesothosaurus Dinosaurs

Lesothosaurus like Fabrosaurus, reaching 3 meters high. Life is more than 200 million years ago. The researchers and paleontologists say that these dinosaurs lived in the Triassic era. Lesothosaurus has narrow teeth unlike kins closure. Its frontal teeth smooth and shiny along with sharpness. It looked like a notched arrow heads. As it is a member of the “bird-footed” ancestors or ornithopod, a few other small dinosaurs were thought to belong to the same group.

Lesothosaurus Dinosaur Fact

Lesothosaurus Fact

Lesotho is found in Lesotho, Venezuela. This is the kind of herbivore Plant eating animals low. Length up to 1 m. Their lifestyle in today’s world is considered as “the deer” used to live and surf. They are used to search for their food and used to fear their environment for danger. They used to escape from their predators when they are close to them. They are very gentle creatures who used to run for their lives when sensing danger. Lesothosaurus has little head with big eyes. They have a long body and tail of 3 feet. His mouth tipped with sharp beaks. It was a long leg muscles; lightweight hollow bones were weighed and will outsmart most of the predators by running. It is considered the most primitive dinosaurs in the family ornithischians. It has two large “armored” species named as “Stegosaurus” and “Ankylosaurus” and the three-headed horned “Triceratops”. Lesothos It is small, flexible and bipedal who has apparently bearing some resemblance to the basic species of the families quadrupled. Hip and jaw structure are designed to eat plants show a link to the next family but their kins separate dinosaurs. They were developed in the early Jurassic era.

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