T-Rex vs Spinosaurus Facts

T-Rex vs Spinosaurus Sheet

Spinosaurus is rapidly gaining on carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex as the most popular in the world.

T-Rex vs Spinosaurus Dinosaur

Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach found the remains of Spinosaurus in Egypt shortly before World War I – and they end up in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, where they were destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944 Since then, experts have to content themselves with plaster casts of fossils original Spinosaurus.

T-Rex vs Spinosaurus Facts

Pending further discovery, Spinosaurus is the record holder for “world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur” category: full-grown, adult 10-ton exceeded one ton Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus about half a ton. Because so few fossils of Spinosaurus is still there, it is possible that others were bigger though for now it’s just speculation.

T-Rex vs Spinosaurus Sheet

Despite the rough similarity to T. Rex, Spinosaurus was not wrong for the average tyrannosaurs. In addition to sailing stand , the skull of Spinosaurus’ long, narrow and clearly crocodile in profile, and encrusted teeth are relatively short but still sharp. In fact, Spinosaurus skull is six feet long, which means it could swallow an average of the whole human beings.Sail wasn’t simply a flat, oversized outgrowth of skin that flopped wildly in the Cretaceous breeze and got tangled in dense underbrush. This structure grew on a scaffold of scary-looking “neural spines,” long, thin projections of bone . some of which attained lengths of nearly six feet that jutted out from this dinosaur’s individual vertebrae.


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