Megalosaurus Fact

Megalosaurus Dinosaurs Facts

Megalosaurus is the first dinosaur discovered and named. Megalosaurus is the meaning of the word ‘big reptiles’. It was a large meat-eating dinosaurs and are known to have lived about 175 million years ago during the Jurassic period. This dinosaur was found in England in 1676 by ​​William Buckland. Then in 1827 Gideon Mantell assigned species Megalosaurus bucklandii name in honor of Mr. William Buckland.

Megalosaurus Dinosaur Fact

Megalosaurus has a length of about 30 feet (nine meters) and a height of 10 feet (three meters). This dinosaur diketahuimemiliki weighs about a ton. Dinosaurs have great body with heavy bones and long legs with clawed feet. Dinosaur arm shorter than the feet and hands three fingers with sharp claws. It also has a small bone buttons above each eye, and large powerful jaws with sharp teeth and long, which makes it possible to eat meat. It was a fierce hunter and killer who can kill even large sauropods, which is another type of dinosaur.

Megalosaurus Dinosaur

It was known to be more intelligent than the other dinosaurs. Intelligence is measured by its relative brain to body weight ratio, which is also referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Megalosaurus was runner is relatively fast compared to other dinosaurs. Dinosaur speed are considered by scientists based on their morphology characteristics like leg length and estimated body. Speed ​​is also judged on the path way of the dinosaur fossils. Megalosaurus is a lizard-hipped dinosaur also known as saurischian.

Megalosaurus Fact

Among other dinosaurs, dinosaur Megalosaurus regarded as dangerous and vicious as the meat eaters.

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