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Dinosaur Skeleton Coloring Page

Not only complete dinosaurs, some dinosaurs lovers also loves to identify Dinosaur fossils. T-Rex fossil was the most favorite fossils out there. They’re inspired from Jurassic Park. Knowing Dinosaur skeleton will help our child to know its bones structure, add more information for their knowledge about dinosaurs. One way to …

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Dinosaur Room Decor

As a parents, we know that when our children grew up, their tastes and likes are change. My son, he loves Naruto, and Japanese Manga character. Now, I don’t know why did he falling in love with dinosaurs. Give them their favorite things on their room is a great idea. …

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Dinosaur Pictures for Kids

Check out our collection about Dinosaur Pictures for Kids. If you search funny, cute or cool dinosaur pictures, then you’re in the right place. As we know, kids love dinosaurs and they love cute dinosaurs or cartoonish dinosaurs more. You can use the images in an educational way for your …

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Brachiosaurus Coloring Pages

Brachiosaurus is one of the most popular dinosaur. Brachiosaurus is very easy to recognize. Its long-neck, big body with small head. Brachiosaurus was a huge dinosaur that ate about 300-400 kilograms of plants and leaves every day! It had a very long tail, it’s about 26 metres (85 feet) in …

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Long Neck Dinosaur

If you think the biggest land animals or dinosaur is T-Rex, you probably wrong. The biggest animals who ever lived on the Earth were the Sauropods. Sauropods were the giants who have very long neck dinosaurs. As seen on TV, Encyclopedia or another source, this long-necked dinosaurs were herbivorous. They …

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List of Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs - T-Rex

If you do love Jurassic Park film, then you have a great dino-experience. There you can watch any kinds of herbivore or carnivore dinosaurs. From T-Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Triceratops. In the film, you can see all about dinosaurs, their lives, their size. I think that Jurassic Park is …

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Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs coloring pages

We provide online Dinosaurs Coloring page and printables. You can download and print it for your educational activities. We provide all dinosaurs species like herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Kids love coloring so Let your students create their own copy of Dinosaur coloring page.  You can use it for free. Click …

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Dinosaur Facts for Kids

dinosaur fun facts

Read our complete dinosaur facts, not only for kids, but also for adults. Learn every facts about the amazon T-Rex to the great Diplodocus. As we know, dinosaurs came a long time before humans. Read the whole fun, interesting, amazing and shocked dinosaurs facts. Dinosaur was named from Greek language …

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List of Long-necked Dinosaurs

Long Neck Dinosaur - Apatosaurus

We usually called long-necked dinosaurs as Sauropods. It’s very easy to memorize, because they have common characteristics like long tails, long necks, four legs and of course, they’re herbivorous. Their neck was used to foraging high in trees to get their food. Now we will list the long-necked dinosaurs, although …

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