Arizonasaurus size

Arizonasaurus Fact

The Arizonasaurus is part of a group of prehistoric crocodile. This “Croc” where as large as 10 feet long and is estimated to have a vicious predators medieval Triassic period.

Arizonasaurus  Dinosaur
The Arizonasaurus got weird fins on his back like Dimetrodon, although the two are not closely related dinosaurs. The only reason they are that common because of the area they are the same climate.

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Hot desert ecosystems. Actually, this would explain the large sail well because the purpose for being there will take in more heat and draw out the heat. It would be a great way to control the activities become dinosaurs quickly when necessary, but relaxed when resting. It is very necessary to be able to capture some herbivores faster.

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Arizonasaurus size

The purpose of this sailing reptiles, probably served both as the temperature regulation and sexually selected characteristics which means the man with a larger screen has the opportunity to mate with more women.

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