Chindesaurus facts

Chindesaurus Dinosaurs

Chindesaurus in Greek means “lizard Chinde point”. Life on the history of the late Triassic period (225 million years ago). This dinosaur has a habitat in the Swamp the United States.
Chindesaurus Dinosaurs
Chindesaurus has a body that is not too big which is about 10 feet long and 20-30 pounds heavier. Her legs were long and has a whiplike tail. It is a small carnivorous dinosaur eating another animal.
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Chindesaurus Bryansmalli
To demonstrate how a plain-vanilla first Triassic dinosaurs end, Chindesaurus originally classified as a prosauropod beginning, rather than early theropods – two very different types of dinosaurs that still looks very much like at the time. Later, paleontologists determined conclusively that Chindesaurus is a close relative of South American theropod Herrerasaurus, and perhaps more famous descendants of dinosaurs this (because there is strong evidence that the first true dinosaurs from South America).

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