futabasaurus Dinosaurs king

Futabasaurus dinosaurs facts

Futabasaurus in Greek means “lizard Futaba”. These dinosaurs are found in East Asian ocean. It is estimated that the life history of the chalk period 75-65 million years ago).
futabasaurus Dinosaurs king
Futabasaurus size in about 20 feet long and 2-3 tons in weight, yet slender body and fins are narrow, while the very long neck similar to Elasmosaurus. It takes all kinds of fish in the sea.
Futabasaurus Diet
The first plesiosaur found in Japan, Futabasaurus is a typical member of the breed, although on the larger side.

Futabasaurus Dinosaurs

Futabasaurus Size


Futabasaurus Suzukii

Interestingly, the fossil specimens from the late Cretaceous Futabasaurus bear evidence of predation by prehistoric sharks, possible contributing factor to global extinction plesiosaur plesiosaur and 65 million years ago. (By the way, plesiosaur Futabasaurus should not be confused with the “unofficial” theropod dinosaur who sometimes goes by the same name.)

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