Dinosaur Math Games

Dinosaur Park Math Lite will let you try out the first of 15 level 3 Maths. You can also try any game and Dinosaur Facts.
Dinosaur Park Math is a math games to help your child learn addition and subtraction 0-20. Fifteen levels of mathematics Dinosaur with 225 questions. Paleontology junior Pete needs your help to complete the dinosaur exhibits so that he can open the Dino Park. Use your math skills to carve out the dinosaur fossils. You can also play some games or learn some fun facts Dinosaur. Including dinosaurs – Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Deinonychus, Diplodocus, Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus, Plesiosaur, Pteranodon, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor.

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Award-winning game reinforces counting, addition, subtraction and place-value skills with a prehistoric twist! Children roll a 4-digit number, and then move their dinosaurs to the appropriate ones, tens, hundreds and thousands places. Math problem-solving cards for various levels of play add to the challenge.

1. With a large number of audio to support each math question
2. 225 addition and subtraction questions 0-20
3. Mathematics table for numbers 0-20
4. Dinosaur Games 59 – 15 puzzles dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur skeleton 15 to connect the dots, color the dinosaurs 15 connecting points, 10 dinosaurs suitable for the name, Make a Scene.
5. Junior Paleontologist Pete Click to hear him speak
6. Fun Dinosaur Facts
7. Colorful fun graphics

You can get this game via Appstore for iPhone users and Play Store for Android users.

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