Dinosaur Names for Kids

Name the various types of dinosaurs are unique, it based on 3 things:
1. Physical Characteristics
2. Based on the allegedly strange habit of that type
3. Based on the name of the area or the fossil inventor.

The first fossils were found peculiar scalloped iguana-like teeth because it was given the name “Iguanodon”. There is a flying reptile rough-haired, ugly, and frightening, was named Sordes Pilosus which means haired devil. The name Stegosaurus means lizard tile air on his back because there is a slab-like tile of home.

The name is based on the typical habits, given to the meat-eating dinosaurs are very powerful and malignant. These dinosaur dinosaurs invade any, from the least to the greatest. Because of the ferocity and ruthlessness, he named tyrant lizard, or Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

Dinosaurs Names And Pictures For Kids Dinosaurs Names Name that dinosaur! DINOSAURS names with pictures

The name is based on the discovery of fossils among other places given to Albertosaurus. This Fossil of giant meat-eaters body was first discovered in Canada.

Some dinosaurs whose name based on these categories are:
1. Deinonychus. Which means “Terrible Claw that” (from the Greek and Latin). Meant are very large claws on its hind legs.
2. Oviraptor. Animals which means egg thieves since the first skeleton was found lying on top of a bunch of eggs Protoseratops.
3. Pteranodon. Animals which means winged toothless. The scientists were still questioning the usefulness of a large comb.
4. Triceraptos. Which means three-horned face.
5. Sordes pilosus. The flying reptiles live in Jurassic Period. Hairy rough. He looks so creepy. So that this dinosaur had meaning Haired Satan.

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