Dinosaur Project for Kids

If you and your family are lovers of dinosaur world, you do not need to see it only through a movie or animation. In America, there are plenty of places for you and your family can enjoy a vacation at the same time “face to face” with your favorite dinosaur. According to our observations, America has a dinosaur museum in more than 50 states, including Canada and Mexico. From the 50 museums, here below are 5 of the best places that we recommend to you!

Field Station: Dinosaurs
Located in Secaucus, New Jersey. This place is more like a combination between Safari Park and theme park than a museum. Opened every Saturday, this place has 20 rides with theme of dinosaur attractions for children (ages 3 to 11 years) and 3 per 4 mile track for walkers with more than 32 animatronics dinosaurs, so we can see how a dinosaur as if live and move.The price of admission to the Field Station: Dinosaurs is hover around $ 25 for Adults and $ 20 for children (ages 3-11 years). This place also has a theater playing the movie “Dinosaurs after Dark” in 3-dimensions.

American Museum of National History
Located in downtown New York, the American Museum of National History also has a collection of dinosaur fossils on display to the public. Each year, the museum is also open themed exhibit Dinosaurs. The admission price for adults range from about $ 22 and children (ages 2-12 years) range from approximately $ 12.25 and student / student about $ 17.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
The museum has a special room dinosaur, named “Dinosphere”, in which there is a wide range of dinosaur fossils are made in giant size and are arranged as closely as the original. One of the famous fossils is Dracorex hogwartsia, dinosaurs that allegedly looks similar to the one dragon that appears in the story of “Harry Potter”.

Not only are there fossils in the museum, but also a wide variety of merchandise around the world of dinosaurs. At the moment visitors enter the museum, visitors will be given a “Passport Pre-History”, which contains information about fossils from various locations.

Museum of the Rockies
Not far from Montana, in the Bozeman area, there is one more museum containing ancient animal fossils and main, dinosaur fossils. The museum had asked as the museum that has the largest dinosaur fossils in the world.

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