Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Cretaceous period into periods (times) when dinosaurs reached their maximum diversity, majority of families Saurischian (Carnivore and Herbivore Dinosaurs Have Three Branches In The Squad As Crocodile) and Ornithischian (Dinosaurs Herbivores With Backs Like Birds) evolved into an armored dinosaur’s back, Raptor claws and has a long tail, eating meat and plants. The longest period of the Mesozoic Era (Cretaceous) was also considered that the earth is starting to resemble something modern form, though of course the life of Cretaceous age is not dominated by mammals.

late cretaceous dinosaurs of north america late cretaceous dinosaurs of south america late cretaceous dinosaur species

During the Cretaceous period, dinosaurs come from any direction, as long as 80 million years, thousands of flesh-eating genus explore continents slowly separates, including Tyrannosaurus, Raptor and a variety of other Theropod also dinosaurs Ornithomimids (Dinosaur Resembling Bird), Therizinosaurus strange and very intelligent dinosaur, Troodon.
As for the Cretaceous period dinosaur was a herbivore Sauropod of the Jurassic period survive although it has been pretty much dead, but their descendants the Titanosaur spread to every continent on Earth and even reach a larger size. Ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs) and hadrosaurs (duck-billed dinosaurs) become very common abundant in the human ear, roaming the plains of Eurasia and North America in a large herd, as well as plant-eating dinosaurs and Pachycephalosaurs Ankylosaurs.
At the end of the Cretaceous period (Cretaceous), Pterosaurs (flying reptiles) finally reached their large size, is a miraculous example Quetzalcoatlus whose wings are more than 30 feet and the record as the largest flying dinosaur that ever lived.

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