Segisaurus Dinosaur

Segisaurus Dinosaur Fact

Segisarius is a dinosaur that lived in the era of Early-Middle Jurassic (185-175 million years ago). This dinosaur has a height of about 3 meters and weigh up to 5 ponds.
Segisaurus Dinosaur
Unlike its close relative, Coelophysis, fossils have been found by the boatload in New Mexico, known Segisaurus with, single complete skeleton, the only dinosaur remains ever excavated in Arizona Tsegi Canyon.

Segisaurus habittat

Segisaurus halli

Most experts agree that early theropod chasing carnivorous diet, although it may have been partying insects and small reptiles and / or mammals. Also, the arm and hand Segisaurus theropods seem to have been stronger than comparable, further evidence for the tendency to eat its meat.

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