Supersaurus Dinosaur King

Supersaurus Dinosaur Fact

Supersaurus is a long-necked animals, a giant tail whip, measuring about 138 feet (42 m) long and 54 feet (16.5 m) high, with 39 feet (12 m) long neck. It may have very limited vertical mobility of the neck. Mmencapai weighs 55 tons but not the heaviest dinosaur. Front legs shorter than the hind legs, and feet all have elephant like, five toed feet. One foot on each leg has a thumb claw, probably for protection. It may have been using whip like tails for protection.

Supersaurus Dinosaur King

Supersaurus will migrate when they run out of local food. Supersaurus probably hatched from eggs, like other sauropods. Sauropod eggs have been found in a linear pattern, not on the nest maybe eggs laid as the animal runs. It is thought that sauropods did not take care of their eggs.

Supersaurus fact

Supersaurus are herbivores only eat plants. It must eat large amounts of plant material each day to sustain itself. It swallowed leaves whole, without chewing, and may have gastroliths (stomach stones) in the stomach to help digest this tough plant material. That blunt teeth, useful for stripping foliage.
Supersaurus dinosaur

Supersaurus Nursery
This is the main food source may conifers. Secondary food sources may include gingkos, seed ferns, cycads, bennettitaleans, ferns, mosses, and horses.

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