Feathered Dinosaurs - dromaeosaurus

Names of Feathered Dinosaurs

The conclusion that dinosaurs are closely related to birds raised the apparent chance of feathered dinosaurs. Fossils of Archaeopteryx embody nicely-preserved feathers, however it was not till the mid-Nineties that clearly non-avialan dinosaur fossils had been found with preserved feathers. Since then, greater than twenty genera of dinosaurs, largely theropods, have been found to have been feathered. Most fossils are from the Yixian formation in China. The fossil feathers of one specimen, Shuvuuia deserti, have tested positive for beta-keratin, the primary protein in chicken feathers, in immunological tests.

Feathered Dinosaurs Names Largest Feathered Dinosaur Discovered, Scaled Dinosaurs Snicker Behind ... Caudipteryx zoui (Ji, Currie, Norell & Ji. 1998) Feathered Dinosaurs - archaeopteryx Feathered Dinosaurs - dromaeosaurus Feathered Dinosaurs - avimimus Featherd Dinosaurs - Velociraptor Feathered Dinosaurs - Troodon

Taken from austhrutime.com, here are complete list of Feathered Dinosaurs and when they lived on the Earth.


  •     Eotyrannus lengi Early Cretaceous DiniData
  •     Alioramus remotus Late Cretaceous DinoData
  •     Alioramus altai Late Cretaceous Dinodata
  •     Alectrosaurus olseni Late Cretaceous (Tyrannosauridae?) DinoData
  •     Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis Late Cretaceous
  •     Tarbosaurus bataar Late Cretaceous
  •     Tyrannosaurus rex Late Cretaceous
  •     Daspletosaurus torosus Late Cretaceous
  •     Albertosaurus sarcophagus Late Cretaceous
  •     Gorgosaurus libratus Late Cretaceous
  •     Bistahhieversor sealeyi Late Cretaceous





  •     Pelecanimimus polydon Early Cretaceous
  •     Shenzhousaurus orientalis Early Cretaceous


Harpymimus okladnikovi Early Cretaceous


  •     Garudimimus brevipes Late Cretaceous
  •     Sinornithomimus dongi Late Cretaceous
  •     Dromiceiomimus brevitertius Late Cretaceous
  •     Gallimimus bullatus Late Cretaceous
  •     Struthiomimus altus Late Cretaceous

Coeluria incertae sedis


Coelurus fragilis Late Jurassic, Mainly from the Como Bluff locality, and a few isolated bones in the Morrison formation, Wyoming


  •     Tanycolagreus topwilsoni Late Jurassic DinoData
  •     Dilong paradoxus Early Cretaceous        DinoData


  •     Ngwebasaurus thwazi Early Cretaceous (Compsognathidae?)
  •     Compsognathus longipes Late Jurassic
  •     Huaxignathus orientalis Early Cretaceous
  •     Sinosauropteryx prima Early Cretaceous Colours DinoData
  •     Juravenator starki Late Jurassic
  •     Sinocalliopteryx gigas Early Cretaceous


  •     Alxasaurus elesitaiensis Early Cretaceous
  •     Falcarius utahensis Early Cretaceous
  •     Beipiaosaurus inexpectus Early Cretaceous
  •     Nothronychus mckinleyi Early Cretaceous
  •     Erlikosaurus andrewsi Late Cretaceous
  •     Segnosaurus galbinensis Late Cretaceous
  •     Neimongosaurus yangi Late Cretaceous
  •     Therizinosaurus cheloniformis Early Cretaceous


  •     Incisivosaurus gauthieri (Family Indeterminate ?) Early Cretaceous DinoData
  •     Avimimus portentosus Late cretaceous
  •    Oviraptor philoceratops
  •    Caenagnathus collinsi



Chirostenotes pergracilis Late Cretaceous


  •     Citipati osmolskae Late Cretaceous DinoData Wikipedia
  •     Rinchenia mongoliensis Late Cretaceous
  •     Heyuannia huangi Late Cretaceous
  •     Ingenia yanshini Late Cretaceous
  •     Conchoraptor gracilis Late Cretaceous
  •     Khaan mckennai Late Cretaceous
  •     Nemegtomaia barsboldi Late Cretaceous
  •     Zamyn Khondt oviraptorine Late Cretaceous



  •     Anchiornis huxleyi Mid-Late Jurassic Dinodata Wikipedia Scientific American ScienceDaily
  •     Jinfengopteryx elegens  Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous
  •     Sinovenator changae Early Cretaceous
  •     Byronosaurus jaffei Late Cretaceous
  •     Mei long Early Cretaceous
  •     Sinusonasus magnodens Late Cretaceous
  •     Sauroornithoides mongoliensis Late Cretaceous
  •     Sinornithoides youngi Early Cretaceous
  •     Troodon formosus Late Cretaceous

Yandangithidae?  (Yandangornithidae) DinoData

Yandangornis longicaudus Late Cretaceous


Epidendrosaurus ningchengensis Middle Jurassic-Early Cretaceous (unresolved) believed to be closer to basal Cretaceous Jehol Group



Haplocheirus sollers Late Jurassic DinoData Wikipedia


Archaeopteryx lithographica Late Jurassic


Jeholornis prima Early Cretaceous



Sapeornis chaoyangensis Early Cretaceous, Dinodata


Jibeinia luanhera Early Cretaceous


Proceratosaurus bradleyi Middle Jurassic DinoData link Wikipedia

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