Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carnotaurus Fact

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carnotaurus Fact

Carnotaurus are like giant raptors. They are very high at jumping and are very speedy for a therapod. It would outrun and outsmart the t tex. Carnotaurus use their horns to take down large therapods such as brachiosaurs, stegosaurus, triceratops, baryonyx, suchomimus, and especially the t rex. Carnotaurus wins hands down. He would take down the t rex and badly injure the t rex with its horns. The carnotaurus would finish the t rex off by ramming into the t rex with its horns and knocking it over. The t rex would die from its injuries and bites and horn stabbings by the carnotaurus.

tyrannosaurus rex vs carnotaurus Sheet

Trex is far too strong for carntosaur and munch smarter as cat. With the intelgince of house cat that is the best. Trex was being attack by the carntsaur bite won’t do munch trex will kick to the ground bite the neck to finished it or the trex can bite the neck and throw the carntosaur. Trex has Bactria it will will the carntosaur while they are fighting. Trex is the winner not matter what.

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carnotaurus Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carnotaurus Fact

Tyrannosaurus had a bone crushing bite force. The strongest of any dinosaur that every walked the earth. If it landed one bite on the Spinosaurus’s neck, the Spinosaurus would have died instantly.



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