Dinosaur Cupcakes ideas

Dinosaur cupcakes recipe

It would be so much fun, hanging out with family and give the dish and talking together. Of course your child will be very happy when seeing the food is interesting and varied, this will make your child very excited to eat. Maybe you could use a dinosaur for your great idea to make a delicious and scrumptious cupcake

You can make your own dinosaur cupcake, with easy recipes and you can make yourself at home. Here I give you the recipe Prop Cute dinosaur to add to your creativity in baking.

1.Use candy “rocks” on the cupcakes.
2.Green colored coconut makes for a great looking grass.
3.Use chocolate, candy covered “dinosaur eggs” on the cupcake.
4.Cookie crumbs of make a nice looking sand on top of the cupcake.
5.You can buy dinosaur shaped cupcake pans for an adorable dinosaur cupcake.
6.Dinosaur dinosaur sprinkles and cupcake liners add to the dinosaur cupcakes.
7.You can use dinosaur shaped cookies or candies on top of a cupcake to a make a dinosaur cupcake.
8.Little plastic (food safe) dinosaurs on top of a cupcake not only makes a cute dinosaur cupcake, but it also gives each child a little toy to keep.

Dinosaur Cupcakes Cake


Dinosaur Cupcakes easyDinosaur Cupcakes ideas


Dinosaur Cupcakes Toppers

Happy cooking 😀

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