pterodactyl Noise

teradactyl dinosaur information

Pterodactyl or other name is “Winged Lizard” is a type of flying reptile. This dinosaur lived about 145 million years ago.
pterodactyl Noise
Pterodactyl could fly using wings. Wings are expected to have a width of about 40 feet. This dinosaur has a vision and sharp claws.

teradactyl Dinosaur
This is a fish-eating carnivores, insects and small animals such as lizards. Pterodactyl has a habitat in parts of Germany, France, England, Tanzania, Africa, many hunted near rivers and lakes.
teradactyl Dragon dragon city
There are many types of pterodactyls, living in many parts of the world. There were small as a crow, there are at hang glider!

teradactyl Facts
Fossils of a baby pterodactyl found that only one inch long, but it was able to fly!…

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