how to make a dinosaur cake easy

how to make a dinosaur cake

Would be something that is so not going to be forgotten by your children, when a surprise by giving a beautiful shape dinosaur cake. If your child is very like the dinosaurs, made ​​a surprise birthday cake for them is one of the interesting things you can do. You can save a little money by making it yourself rather than ordering an expensive cake in the bakery.

how to make a dinosaur cake bety crocker
This time I will give you the recipe and how to make a delicious birthday cake and beautiful, follow the recipe and make yourself at home. Happy cooking 🙂

how to make a dinosaur cake easy

You need:
Two nine-inch round cakes
Two batches of butter cream icing
Batch 1: Dye green
Batch 2: One half kept white, one-half dyed blue
Rolled fondant; look for multi-colored fondant at a craft store, or a make your own
Cinnamon red hot candies for the eyes
Candy corn for the tail spikes
Chocolate chips for toenails
Toasted coconut for the prehistoric grass

how to make a dinosaur cake topper

1 Make the dinosaur prints, you can draw it on a piece of paper. Make sure your prints will fit on a 9 inch cake.
2 Bake cake measuring 9 inches and amgkat get really cold.
3 Begin print dinosaur body using a serrated bread knife.
4 Assemble the dinosaurs. Look at the photo on the right assistance. Use white frosting to join the two body parts together. Trim the corners and edges square off legs and shoulders if you like.
5. Give a thin layer of green frosting over the cake with a spatula.
6 Add scale to dinosaurs. Use star tip to pipe the frosting green, then blue star blend for accent.
7 Add the plate fondant. Fondant stick to the back of the diamond plate. If the frosting does not hold well plate, stick a toothpick into the plate and then attached to the cake.
8 Decorate the cake board. Flatten layer of white frosting on the cake board about dinosaurs. Add other finishing touches you like – candy corn for spikes in the tail, cinnamon candies for eyes, and chocolate chips to toes.
9. Finish

how to make a dinosaur cake with fondants

Dinosaur cake you have now been completed, it is easy not to make. prepare small dishes to give it to your child’s friends to her birthday party. Enjoy the dinosaur cake.

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