Omeisaurus skeleton

Omeisaurus Dinosaur Fact

Omeisaurus is the most common sauropod of late Jurassic of China, at least to judge by many fossil remains. Various species of this unusual plant eater had a long neck has been excavated over the past few decades, the smallest measuring only about 30 meters from head to tail, and the largest has a neck about the same size.

Dinosaur Omeisaurus

The closest relatives of dinosaurs seems to have become more long-necked sauropod Mamenchisaurus, which has a whopping 19 neck bones compared with 17 of Omeisaurus.

Omeisaurus Fact

Omeisaurus skeleton

This dinosaur lived approximately during the Late Jurassic (165-160 million years ago). It has a length of about 50 feet and reach a weight between 5-10 tons. Omeisaurus a plant-eating herbivores.

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