facts about triceratops for kids

Surprising Facts about Triceratops

Who don’t know Triceratops, the horned face of dinosaurs. Known as one of the most well-known dinosaurs, but many people still don’t know about some surprising facts about this kind on dinosaurs. Some of you might be know it, some of you, maybe blank about this dinosaurs. Well, let’s refresh your knowledge by revealing facts about triceratops.

First, “Triceratops” was not its original dinosaurs name. Triceratops itself was taken from Greek language. “Tri” means three and “keratops” which means horned face. Make sense? Yes. Triceratops were lived in the late of Cretaceous Period, it was around 65-million years ago! T-Rex is the main threat for Triceratops, it used its horns to fight against Tyrannosaurs Rex. Yes, T-Rex and Triceratops were lived during the same period.

facts about triceratops for kids

3 interesting facts about triceratops

facts about triceratops body

facts about triceratops for children

Triceratops Facts sheet

facts about triceratops skull

Do you know about Triceratops’ size? It’s about 8-metres length and 3-metres height! Wow..can you imagine the weight? Yes, it’s 6 tons for Little Triceratops and 12 tons for the Adult Triceratops! The skull itself can grow over 2 metres in length! Triceratops was herbivorous dinosaurs, it had 400 – 800 teeth. Its fossils was firstly founded near Denver, Colorado in 1887 and Wyoming is Triceratops’ state dinosaur.

That’s some facts about Triceratops. Do you have your own facts? Write down at the comment. We’ll add your fun, weird, scientific facts. here. By the way, you can browse your favorite Triceratops Pictures below. Have fun. 🙂

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