Apatosaurus Coloring Pages

The Apatosaurus is one of the largest animals to ever live on earth. It was 75 feet long and 50,000 pounds! It had a really long neck and tail as well as a small head. It may have used its long neck to reach out of the way food as well as to keep its head away from shorter predators.

The Apatosaurus walked on four legs. It was very slow moving due to its large weight. It also probably wasn’t very intelligent due to its small head and brains in comparison to its overall size. It is unlikely that the Apatosaurus held its head high in the air like shown in many pictures. This is because it would have been hard for the heart to pump blood that high. Also, the way its neck was structured would have made lifting its head high difficult.

Bring back Abelisaurus alive with its coloring pages below. Please download the image and print it. Save as the image and print it. Most of Abelisaurus skin color was green. I attach one example to color it. Happy coloring.


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