Meat-Eating Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

Ever wondered which dinosaurs the meat eating dinosaurs ate? Who was the biggest or smallest? And when did they live?

It is time to check out the facts about carnivorous dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus was the biggest meat eater. It lived in the Cretaceous Period  in North Africa.

What did Spinosaurus eat?

It is thought that this dinosaur lived on land and in water like a crocodile and ate fish.

One fish living there at that time was Mawsonia – and the waters also contained a crocodile called Stomatosuchus.

Other dinosaurs living in the same place at the same time are : Aegyptosaurus,Bahariasaurus,Carcharodontosaurus,Deltadromeus,Erectopus,Paralititan.

Please download the image and print it. Save as the image and print it.Happy coloring.

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