Haplocanthosaurus dinosaurs facts

Haplocanthosaurus is a dinosaur that has a simple spine. Living between 144-156 million years ago during the late Jurassic period. This animal was originally named Haplocanthus Hetcher priscus by Bell in 1901 when this animal fossils first discovered in Colorado USA. But this name has been used by other animals that Haplocanthus priscus. Then Bell named Haplocanthosaurus not Halplocanthus. Meaning Haplocanthus runs thus, a dinosaur with a spike.

Haplocanthosaurus have an average height of about 14 meters (46 feet) with a weight of 14.5 metric tons. Haplocanthosaurus similar to Cetiosaurus.

Haplocanthosaurus Facts for Kids

Haplocanthosaurus Facts Sheets

Small Haplocanthosaurus with Dicraeosaurus which has the same structure of the spine.Body parts found Haplocanthosaurus is a partial skeleton that does not have a skull. 21.5 meters in length and weighs about 25 tons. Scientists found Haplocanthosaurus is the last of the big Cetiosaurids.

According to paleontologists, Haplocanthosaurus considered small compared to the other giants that goes to scavenge a large tract of lush green channel in the Jurassic period. When other sauropods Morrison has a length of about 70 feet, Haplocanthosaurus not more than 50 meters with an average weight of 13 tons.

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