Heterodontosaurus Fact for Kids

Heterodontosaurus Facts for Kids

The Heterodontosaurus discovered in 1962 by Crompton and Charig. At that time only the head was found. And in 1976 all of the skeleton can be found and considered as one of the best framework.

Heterodontosaurus dinosaur fact


This dinosaur is a dinosaur that has a small body size, reaching only 4 feet. Parts of the body that differentiates it from other dinosaurs are teeth, exactly represented in name meaning, different tooth lizard. These animals have three types of teeth, different from other dinosaurs that have only one type of gear only. The front teeth are the sharpest teeth, followed by ivory dog, with chisel-like teeth grinding behind. Hand is also unique due to the fact that the 5 finger two of which may have been contradictory.

Heterodontosaurus Fact for Kids


Heterodontosaurus Fact

These animal using sharp front teeth for cutting and tearing food to be easy to digest, or maybe a way to compete with other Heterodontosaurus for the right to mate. While the back teeth used for chewing food. Dental diversity is widely believed that these animals also eat small insects. Opposable fingers will allow it to capture prey and certainly useful in capturing small animals.



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