Huayangosaurus Dinosaurs

Huayangosaurus Dinosaurs facts

Huayangosaurus is a group of small dinosaurs and huayangosauridaes class. This is known as living during the Jurassic period. Huayangosaurus The term comes from the Greek word which means ‘Huayang lizard’ or also called reptiles from Huayang. The term is pronounced as Hwa-who-oh-bishop ill. This dinosaur lived since 165 million years ago. They tend to live in the forests of Asia, particularly in China.

Huayangosaurus Dinosaur King


The remains of a dinosaur suggests that it may have a series of plates on its back from head to tail. The plate may have emerged as a nail as the tip of the tail. Tail section has four large spikes and sharp and it may have two sharp spikes at the top of her hips. The Huayangosaurus may have used this nail to protect themselves from enemies and also considered that diekor nails used to attract the opposite sex. In addition, the nails also helps to regulate body temperature Huayangosaurus. This is known as a plant eater. It was two short front legs, broad skull, a long slender head and two rear legs longer. Huayangosaurus emergence may have been such that it can easily bend his head to the ground and swallow the plant. Dinosaur teeth to help swallow the plant easily. This animal has a length that can reach 12-14 feet (4 meters) and weighs approximately 1200 pounds reached (500 Kilograms.) Huayangosaurus live in the land of rivers, lakes and lush vegetation. Scientists have discovered that it would be a plant-eater with the help of teeth.

Huayangosaurus DinosaursHuayangosaurus Dinosaurs Fact

Comparison between Huayangosaurus and stegosaurs:

It has been found that the skull of Huayangosaurus may have a small hole in each half of the lower jaw and in front of each eye. And both of these holes are not found in dinosaur, which belonged to an era later as stegosaurs. At the front of the nose, which Huayangosaurus has seven teeth on each side for a total of fourteen, but stegosaurs not have this gear. Huayangosaurus has two rows of steel plates, which are thicker and smaller than the stegosaurs. Huayangosaurus short compared with stegosaurs.




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